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The Spa Waters of the Badhotel Kirchler in Hintertux

One of the highest located hot springs in Europe rises not far from the hotel and it has been the property of the Kirchler family for more than 150 years.  The hotel draws its entire water supply directly from this precious spring, ensuring thereby a very high drinking water quality.  

The water of our indoor swimming pool (about 28°C) is specially treated, so that it meets all requirements of the Hygiene Act.

Geologist and speleologist Prof.Univ.Doz.Dr. Georg Mutschlechner (1908 - 1999) once wrote:


Like in Bad Gastein and on the Brenner Pass, nature warm water also rises in the Tux Valley at the borderline of the Hohe Tauern central gneiss. Here at the south-westerly catchment area of the Ziller Valley and at an altitude of 1500m you find the highest hot springs in Europe.

Just south of the glacial stream 22 springs rise with water temperatures ranging from 12 to 22,2°C. They are considerably higher than the average annual air temperature (4,6° C). The water is clear, colour and odourless and without any taste. It is slightly mineralised with about 160 milligrams of dissolved solids per kilogram.

The water mainly contains sodium, potassium, calcium, chlorine, sulphate and hydrocarbonate and shows insignificant amounts of the radioactive micro elements Radium-Emanation (radon) and Radium-Element. The presence of uranium is quite remarkable. Copper, iron, aluminium, lead, manganese and zinc are spectrographically proven. The water is, therefore, a sodium-hydrocarbonate spa water.
As dissolved solids amount to less than 1 gram per kilogram and the temperature is slightly higher than the minimum temperature for hot springs (20° C), it is a genuine thermal spring (acratotherm).

This gift of nature has been used for at least 350 years. In 1600 M. Burglechner wrote about the "Wildpad in Wildentux" (wild bath in the wild Tux). So it was already known then. Due to the isolation of this area, the spa was established only in 1847.

The spa water is especially suitable for slight rheumatic pains, injuries, reversible afflictions of old age and states of exhaustion (convalescence).

Unv.-Doz. Dr. Georg Mutschlechner