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Colonisation of the Tuxer Valley

It is believed that the first inhabitants of the Tuxer Valley were the "Breonen", a Raetian tribe with settlements in the Wipp Valley. Many ancient field-names, such as Naudis, Nappes, Vallruck, Juns, Els and Tettens date from this early settlement.

Shepherds and mountain farmers climbed down to the tree-covered valley through the Schmirn Valley via the Tuxer Joch. Six farmers from the Schmirn Valley were the first to settle down in Hintertux. They lived a simple live and earned their living by farming at an altitude of 1.500 m.

As Hintertux was not accessible from the Ziller Valley the deceased had to be carried over the Tuxer Joch to be then buried in the Schmirn Valley cemetery. When in 1913 the Rosengarten Bridge was built, Tux could be reached from the Ziller Valley.

In 1926 Hintertux was incorpurated in the municipality of Tux. The 23 Thermal springs, the highest in Europe, are a special gift from the nature. For four generations now these springs have been privately owned by the Kirchler Family. The water has a temperature of about 22°C.